Soft drinks needn't be boring!

At Black Castle we've developed a range of sparkling, non-alcoholic drinks created just for adults. We use natural ingredients and interesting flavour combinations to create a drink that is not too sweet and perfectly refreshing.

So whether you're planning a BBQ, or looking for a great alternative to alcohol on a night out, a bottle of our Black Castle soda will make every experience even better!



Our Ginger Beer is packed full of flavour and just the right amount of heat! Made with rich Muscovado sugar, Ginger Root Extract and infused with a blend of warm Cinnamon and Cardamom spices. Lightly carbonated making it the perfect alternative to alcohol on a night out!

Hand-made in Co. WicklowNon-AlcoholicAllergen FreeBest served over ice with a wedge of lime!

Bramble330ml_with_glass copy.png

Berry Bramble Sting

A refreshing mix of fragrant Blackberries and stinging Nettle using Demerara sugar to create a fruity and sophisticated sparkling soft drink that'll bring you back to early autumn walks down country lanes. 

  • Hand-made in Co. Wicklow

  • Non-Alcoholic

  • Allergen Free

Best served over ice with a slice of lemon!