A week in the media!

Easter week we were lucky enough to be both in the paper and on the radio! These were our first interviews about Black Castle drinks and needless to say, we were pretty nervous. Delighted though that there was such an interest in our soft drinks! 

First up was our interview for the Wicklow People (which gets covered in the Bray People and in the 'regionals' section of The Independent). As it turned out there was really no need for any nerves, Myles Buchanan gave us a call, was put on loud speaker and we did the interview sitting in our front room! He was very relaxed and interested in what we had to say - making it very easy for us to get across our ideas and the story behind Black Castle drinks. Once the call was over, one of their photographers popped down to take our picture sitting in the back garden - simples!

Then on Good Friday, (it being deemed an appropriate day to chat about grown up soft drinks!), we drove down to Bray to come on and chat to Declan Meehan on East Coast FM's Morning Show. Declan was such a class act, making us feel very welcome and getting genuinely excited (at least we hope so!) about our drinks - he loved the sounds of the 'Fiery' Ginger Beer, our 'Spiced' Red Lemonade and our Berry Bramble 'Sting'. As we wrapped up the interview and gave our thanks, he asked us to stay in touch! And we sure will - hopefully we'll have even bigger and better news to give him the next time, 

Thanks again to both The Wicklow People and The Morning Show on East Coast FM for having us!