Indie Pop Stars Black Castle Drinks in The Sunday Irish Times!

Black Castle Drinks Sunday Times Ireland

This bank holiday Sunday we were featured in an excellent article on the soft drink movement in Ireland written by Corinna Hardgrave for the Sunday Times in Ireland. 

We were thrilled to be the featured so prominently and love the picture - John's face makes us laugh out loud!! Our Black Castle craft sodas were in good company too, with Poacher's Tonic and Wild Orchard soft drinks also featured. 

Link to Sunday Times

Our delicious craft soda cocktail, The Red Setter also appeared! It's a citrus and spicey twist on a classic 'Jemmy & Red'. Check out the cocktail recipe below. 

Black Castle Red Lemonade


This twist on the ‘jemmy & red’ is made up of refreshing citrus flavours and fragrant spices using our Spiced Red Lemonade.

You’ll need:
Black Castle Spiced Red Lemonade
40ml Irish Whiskey
20ml Triple Sec
2 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters

Garnish with a large wedge of pink grapefruit and enjoy! 

We went National!! Black Castle on the Today FM Sunday Business Show

Sunday Business Show

On the May Bank Holiday Sunday we were invited on to Conall O Morain's Sunday Business show to have a chat about our new soft drinks business; being the show's 'Start Up' guest that morning. We arrived at Marconi house, while Dublin still slept and found ourselves getting excited and a little bit nervous at the prospects of being on NATIONAL radio! 

Just waiting to go on Air!

Just waiting to go on Air!

Conall had a chat with us and the other guests just before going on air, which helped calm the nerves! Once on air we had less than 10 minutes to get across our new business idea and what we are trying to achieve. Compared to our East Coast FM interview, this had a more serious business undertone and a quicker pace, meaning Conall gave us a few tougher questions with little time to answer! 

We did fail to mention a couple of people such as Sean Gilbride from St Angela's College in Sligo responsible for our recipe development, and the very talented husband & wife team Owen and Laura McGauley for our branding and bespoke logo. Sorry guys, promise you'll get a proper mention when we're on The Late Late! Haha!

Having said that, feedback on the interview was very positive and we received great interest from new clients straight after we came off air and in the days after. Very encouraging indeed!

You can listen back to the full show here... we're on at about 25 minutes in:

A week in the media!

Easter week we were lucky enough to be both in the paper and on the radio! These were our first interviews about Black Castle drinks and needless to say, we were pretty nervous. Delighted though that there was such an interest in our soft drinks! 

First up was our interview for the Wicklow People (which gets covered in the Bray People and in the 'regionals' section of The Independent). As it turned out there was really no need for any nerves, Myles Buchanan gave us a call, was put on loud speaker and we did the interview sitting in our front room! He was very relaxed and interested in what we had to say - making it very easy for us to get across our ideas and the story behind Black Castle drinks. Once the call was over, one of their photographers popped down to take our picture sitting in the back garden - simples!

Then on Good Friday, (it being deemed an appropriate day to chat about grown up soft drinks!), we drove down to Bray to come on and chat to Declan Meehan on East Coast FM's Morning Show. Declan was such a class act, making us feel very welcome and getting genuinely excited (at least we hope so!) about our drinks - he loved the sounds of the 'Fiery' Ginger Beer, our 'Spiced' Red Lemonade and our Berry Bramble 'Sting'. As we wrapped up the interview and gave our thanks, he asked us to stay in touch! And we sure will - hopefully we'll have even bigger and better news to give him the next time, 

Thanks again to both The Wicklow People and The Morning Show on East Coast FM for having us!